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Is it possible to enter unique hyperlinks for each of the "panels" in the TB Sirate theme?

Panel first-1, panel first-2, panel second-1, etc...

Most of these blocks change the cursor icon to a hand which would give the user the idea they are a link, but i cannot get it to function this way.

Is there particular code you enter into the block body? or is this changeable with CSS or PHP modifications?

These panels are a crucial part of these theme, i'm surprised no one else is having issues.

Thanks for any reply.



There is no hyperlinks for panels. Changing cursor to a hand is defined by CSS. To change this behaviour, you could go to sites/all/themes/tb_sirate/css/block.css and remove the code (cursor: pointer;) in following lines:
#145, #345

Thanks for spotting it out to us.


Will, -- IS there a way to

Will, -- IS there a way to assign a unique hyperlink to each panel? html code that could go in the block text, or some other way? Any suggestions would be a great help. Thank you for your reply about the css code changes to remove the cursor/pointer change. I really like the idea of the cursor changing and assigning a hyperlink to each panel. The way TB Sirate is set up with the 3 panels across the mid section, it is perfect for this behavior.

Thanks for any reply,

I found this link that may

I found this link that may make the DIV for the Panel clickeable through jscript. I am a noob to jscript so where and how to do this would be great!



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Thanks for sharing