How to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Error Code 48?


There are chances that while working on Brother Printer, the user would come across the error code 48. This error is usually caused when the encoder strip on your system is not clean. The users can undertake the below-given steps to solve this issue efficiently.
• The first thing that the user would have to do is to disconnect the power cables from the printer device.
• Now you would have to remove the scanner cover and then check the condition of your encoder strip.
• If you find that it is dirty, use a dry lint cloth and clean both the sides of the encoder strip.
• After you are done cleaning the encoder strip, close the scanner cover.
• Now you can reconnect the printer device to the power source and check whether the error has been solved.
If you face any malfunction while following the steps given, then the best alternative is to connect with Brother Printer support. They would efficiently guide you in solving the problem at hand.

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