How to restore deleted emails on a Comcast server?


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Comcast allows users to restore any emails that may have been deleted by mistake, as long as those emails fall within a stipulated time frame. You can follow the steps below to restore deleted emails on a Comcast server:
• Step 1: Visit the Xfinity login page and sign in to your email account.
• Step 2: Click the email tab to open the mailbox and go to the ‘Trash’ folder.
• Step 3: Select the ‘More Actions’ option and click ‘Recover Deleted Items.’
• Step 4: Go through the list and select the deleted emails you want to recover.
• Step 5: Select a destination folder and then click ‘Move’ to transfer the emails.
If you have trouble restoring your Comcast emails, you can call the comcast support number and ask for additional technical support to resolve the issue.
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