How to remove a node from front page?


Hi Themebrain.

First of all - Thank you very much for the awesome templates you provide!

I'm developing a test site, which you can see at this temp url:

Somehow, I've messed up a setting somewhere, so that the standard front page content (node 52, reading: HOW DO I REMOVE THIS FROM THE FRONT PAGE) is now displayed below the large jCarousel... Any idea on how to get rid of it again?


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Can you be more specific?

Hi Munkholm,

could you be more specific? I visit your test website (by the way I like the colors of the pics playing with the dark theme) but don't know and see what's wrong. Any screenshots?


My bad... had already made

My bad... had already made some changes to the site.... Please see this image.

And yes, your awesome theme is perfect for a photo site ;-)

Actually. Is there a way to

Actually. Is there a way to just make the front page use the same layout as the rest of the pages?

You only need to know Drupal ;)

Hi Munkholm,

sure you can do it, the thing is do you have the skills to do it ;) Just kidding.
Right now we can answer those questions. Maybe we have a tutorial or knowledge base some day. But not promise.
In the meantime you need to live with the theme as it is or find other drupal how to sites who can guide you for customization themes.

Good luck!

Thanks Jan. Ad you guessed, I

Thanks Jan. Ad you guessed, I'm lacking a lot of the needed skills to create a custom theme (which is the reason that I'm starting out with something pre-built)

Anyhow, and just for what it's worth for other newbies like myself, I managed to get the font page to look like the remaining pages by copying the content of the page.tpl.php to the page--front.tpl.php file. Have no idea if this is the "correct" way to accomplish it, but it worked for me.

Thanks again for the great template.

Advanced forum

BTW, also managed to create a style for the Advanced Forum Module which matches the Mollise theme... Let me know if any of you want a copy of the css.