How to make side links for Facebook, RSS and so on?


First and foremost, thank you for your contributions to the Drupal community. I am a big fan of your nucleus base and as well as the subs you create as well.

I am using the Sirate theme and I am wanting to edit the links next to the slideshow like facebook, rss, and so on. First question, how do I go about linking these buttons to my own social networking accounts? Also for the buttons I don't want, how do I remove them?

I apologize for what may seem to be such a remedial question, but I am just kind of learning as I go.



Below are instructions to help you modify social share bar:
* Go to sites/all/themes/tb_sirate/tpl/
* Open the file page.tpl.php
* Find <div id="social-share-wrapper"> at the end & modify the links up to your need


RE: Side Links for Facebook, RSS, etc.

Hi KIngle3141,

For this theme, we only use simple way for those icons, you can open tb_sirate/tpl/page.tpl.php, find them in the bottom and do anything you need.




I'd like to configure those social share icons for my rss feed since it is not rendering anywhere and I can't figure out why. So, I have tried every combination to get the icon social 9 (rss) working and it won't. No matter what I de the page renders the href with nothing but a "#" in it. Here are the three major variations of href pointers I've tried:
<a class="icon-social-9" href="<?php print $feed_icons; ?>">&nbsp;</a>
<a class="icon-social-9" href=<?php print $feed_icons; ?>>&nbsp;</a>
<a class="icon-social-9" href="https://mysite/rss.xml">&nbsp;</a>

Why are these only rendering as a "#" when inspected? how do I get this resolved?

Also I'd like icons for google+ and linkedin, how do I change the icon graphic without breaking it? Do you have other graphics available with these social networks?

thank you

can't get the social links to

can't get the social links to render any href besides a # sign

how do i reference my rss links or any link in there?

do you have icons for google+ and linkedin?

I am looking for help with

I am looking for help with this as well. I figured out how to put the appropriate links in for Twitter and Facebook, as well as comment out the icons/links I don't use. But I would really like to add an icon/link for Google+. Is there a way to do this?