How to make Menus align horizontal?


I just downloded the TB Purity and Nucleus and switch my theme over but now all my menu items are vertical instead of horizontal. Everything else looks good except for this problem.

Any help?


No answers yet


Any Screenshot and more details?

Hi Dradave,

can you upload somewhere a screenshot and point out your problem with your issue?
Which menu are you referring to?
1. The main menu in the top
2. The main menu at the left side bar

I assume it is 1.) but just to be sure.
We have a discussion about horizontal menu in this discussions as well might be helpful for you.


It appears from the link you

It appears from the link you sent that person is having my same exact problem. I can't imagine any other way to make it work then? Wonder how other people are using it? I don't mind changing my layout if I need to.


No real solution appears...

I love the theme, but...
I have the same problem, I cant get the top menu to be horizontal. I looked at the 3 different postings here and they didn't help. I alos installed superfish menu and the problem, its becomes vertical.

Would be happy for any help.

Got it work

After installing Superfish (and Libraries and the Superfish Library - see how-to install on the Superfish module) I got two superfish block in Structure > Blocks. I moved Superfish 1 to "Menu Bar" and in its settgins one can configure which menu (-node) needs to be rendered.

Have anyone found an answer

Have anyone found an answer to this? im struggling on my side with the exact same issue, (Ishopping theme with base nucleus)

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