How to make the main menu horizontal?


this is second issue.

i installed drupal 7.9 and applied nucleus and then tb_blog. but the menu system is shown vertically by default. after third/ fourth item in menu, "home" goes out of page top.

how to make main menu horizontal by default?


I have a solution !
Found out that after I installed superfish module, I needed also to install the superfish library and then everything works fine !
Here is what you need to do:
1. Go to and download the library and extract and rename it ro be sites/all/libraries/superfish
2. Install and activate the module superfish

Hope this helps.


RE: main menu always vertical

Hi yamalajatt,

Actually, Nucleus support a machanism to style menu, so the horizontal or the vertical menu are the same. For the first few themes, we'll be supporting the most popular style, but for sure, wouldn't make you wait for too long, we'll start supporting the horizontal style soon enough.

Thanks for letting us know though :).



thanks for quick reply. i want to clarify and get clarified. your quickstart package shows "home aboutus contenttype etc etc" horizontally. this shows it is supported in nucleus.

but when i install nucleus and then tb_blog, the same menu does not show horizontally. why? are there some special settings?


RE: the different from Themebrain profile & Individual install

Hi yamalajatt,

We really appologize because this answer come too late.

We'd like to clearify about the quickstart (themebrain install profile) & individual installation.

As you see, with themebrain install profile, we try to give the easy way for the users can build website, can make familiar with Drupal & Nucleus quickly, and in addititon it is also an example for user can refer when they build their own website base on Nucleus & TB Themes.


Profile Install


I came across this problem aswell, but I can't manage to install the profile.
In which folder Do I need to place the Main and Sub theme files so the install.php gives me the option to select the profile?

Thanks in advance

oh nevermind

When I download the package from your site instead from I get the whole package ;)

How can i get a horizontal menu?

Hello, guys! Did anyone solve that issue w/ the menu 'cause i'm facing the same thing. Let me know how can i change this vertical menu to a horizontal one. Thanks!

RE: How can i get a horizontal menu?

Hi friend,

Currently, we support superfish menu to show main horizontal menu, you can refer to more information about setting.

About support horizontal main menu default (without superfish), we'll add to the next theme.


I installed superfish, but couldn't get horizontal to work


I love the theme. I struggle with the horizontal menu. I read all the postings here, installed superfish menu, but still can't get horizontal to work. My assumption is it has to do with the css, but it is strange, since horizontal menu is standard.

Would love if you can share what you need to do to make it work.


Got it work

After installing Superfish (and Libraries and the Superfish Library - see how-to install on the Superfish module) I got two superfish block in Structure > Blocks. I moved Superfish 1 to "Menu Bar" and in its settgins one can configure which menu (-node) needs to be rendered.