How to Hard Reset your Netgear Router to Access Internet?


Netgear Wi-Fi Routers provides the user the broadest array of speeds and features to satisfy the needs of home internet, music, video streaming, gaming and more. But there are moments when the user encounters concerns with the device like the internet is now working. To resolve these issue users can implement hard reset instructions to make it functional again.

• Tap the restart key at the back of the Netgear Router and employ the paperclip or pen and tap the reset key.
• Restart Your Router and Try to setup it afresh.
• Continue pressing the reset key for 20 -30 seconds until the light begins shining.

If these three troubleshooting steps won’t work and you are still unable to fix it then you need to contact the Netgear Customer Service Phone Number. The specialists would supervise you with the aid and equip you with the assistance.

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