How to enable the slideshow in TB Rave?


this may seem a basic question, but for me: it's not.

how do i use the Rave front page slideshow? do i need to install views, slideshow, ctools, library - create new field - create a view - enable it in the slideshow region?

if so, the point of having that region in the theme is to have it already themed out, not to actually create all the moving parts?

i'm cool with that; i just want to be sure that's what's needed.

thanks. the theming work on Rave is great & will save me hours.


Hi Barnhart,

You should download full package of this theme from, install in your local and refer the setting of that slideshow.



How to add images to

How to add images to slideshow in TB Rave theme?

Each image in slideshow is

Each image in slideshow is selected by the Views filter, please edit that views and see the criteria, you will see how to add new images

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