How do I link my Roku app to my Roku TV?


I did it this way:

• Install the Roku device.
• Turn on the power, connect to the TV with an HDMI cable and connect to the Internet with an Ethernet or Wi-Fi cable.
• Follow the on-screen setup instructions. Usually if you connect via Wi-Fi, the device prompts you for the Wi-Fi password and other easy steps to follow.
• After configuring the device, turning it on and connecting to the TV and the Internet, download the application.
• Make sure your phone is on the same Wi-Fi network as the Roku device. If you connected to the router with an Ethernet cable, make sure the phone is connected via Wi-Fi to the same router.
• Run the application on the phone.
• The first thing the app will do is find the device of the year. If it is on the same network, it will find it.
• Everything is ready.
If you are not setup the Roku account than contact our Roku Setup expert.

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