How to display all the content without a read more button?



I am trying to remove the read more button on this theme, I would like to have all my content display without a read more button.

How can I do this?


I'd like to suggest a way: you can override node preprocess function and add these lines

if ($vars['view_mode'] == 'teaser') {
if (isset($vars['content']['links']['node']['#links']['node-readmore'])) {
$vars['content']['links']['node']['#links']['node-readmore'] = null;

For more information you can read in themming part in any book or guide for Drupal 7.


It's utilized on the blog

It's utilized on the blog pages. Client can get a short thought of what the article is about and if there are intrigued they can peruse it by tapping on "read more" connect. Mostly branding companies Dubai have data to other competitors website.