How to Configure Outlook/Hotmail for Mac?


There has been advancement in technology and one can see the use of Different emails on smart phones also. Although, still a large population is unaware of the process of how to configure their email Id on the smart phones, yet according to this fast and active time it is a necessary process. In fact many users try to configure Outlook for Mac, but as they are not acquainted with this process they find it quite difficult.

It creates problems for a large mass of population; it does not matter whether they are educated or uneducated. So, if you are also confronting the similar issue it is quite an important step to note down the process of how to configure Outlook for Mac.

Steps to configure Outlook for Mac:

 To configure your email address in outlook on Mac operating system, let’s start with opening outlook on Mac.

 Once you have started outlook application, click on the tools menu to reach to the Accounts section.

 To add you email account to outlook, click on the + sign in the lower left corner.

 Now enter your email id and password to configure that account in outlook.

 In order to access your email you will have to add imap server details.

 Once you have added the server details, select the SSL to connect option as it is the recommended option. You can find this under Outgoing server option.

 After checking the SSL option please enter the port number, you will have to click on the override port option in order to enter the port number.

 And your account is all set to be used in Outlook on Mac system.

So, these are some of the steps to configure Microsoft Outlook on your Mac device.

No technology is perfect and there are always the chances of improvement. Thus, there is a possibility that you are not able to configure outlook on Mac even after taking your best efforts. So, if you have any such issue, feel free to take Outlook customer support or to contact any third-party support to root out the issues related to set up Outlook on Mac.

Source: - How to Configure/Setup Outlook/Hotmail for Mac

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