How can i translate a string from TB Wall?


Hello, i'm having trouble finding a string to translate in TB Wall.

When viewing a page with a large number of posts, an ajax loader appear with the following text "Loading the next set of posts..."

I've tried searching for that string so i could translate it, but i can't find it anywhere!

I'd appreciate if someone could please help me with this situation.

Best Regards,



Dear Bruno,

I'm sorry about this mistake. This string is located in views_infinite_scroll.js line 36. You can fix it directly or waiting us to update download package.



Hello HaiNN,

Hello HaiNN,

i'd be glad to do it myself, but i don't know how to make it translatable in js. i know how to do it in php with the print t() function but not in js... i'd be very helpful if you could help me do it!

in JS, we can use use Drupal

in JS, we can use use Drupal.t to make a string stranslatable

You can use https://poeditor

You can use for translations. No need to export the files, as the platform has a drupal plugin that solves the import-export discomfort.