How can I change the string "You are here"?


hi, I'm using Tb Rave and I want to change the string "You are here".
which file can I change?

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CMS I normally prefer to use custom CMS for eCommerce site or sometimes Magento as Magento has developed with respect to eCommerce sites as compared to wordpress which is a blogging CMS. Joomla : all editing takes place in the index.php file at the root of the template, it is quite simple to change the display of the main one by writing the required code points and inserting the modules where necessary.
Drupal : you can edit the template in the folder: \ themes \ bartik \ templates. There you can simply change all the necessary blocks.
Modx, Typo3 : not tested.
WordPress : you can edit the template in the folder: wp-content \ themes \ twentyeleven. There you can change all the necessary blocks. You just need to find the appropriate files to edit the header, content, footer, etc.
ImageCMS : the main page is edited in the main.tpl file in the template root. There, without problems, all the necessary blocks change.
CMS Made Simple : work from templates from the database, only from the administrative part. This instantly closes the question of suitability for creating unique non-template sites on this system for me.

Theme brain is a website that

Theme brain is a website that has themes and nucleus guide blogs. It has several questions through modules to get information. And also you can get help from to manage quality work easily. They have a question of changing a string but how? Join their website for more information.