How to add RSS feeds to TB Wall



At first sight I really got to love TB Wall as it is something I've longed for.

However there are 2 points that are not clear to me:
(1) how can I add RSS feeds to the wall?
(2) what are theme feeds? what are they 'good for'? how can I modify Drupal, Themebrain, etc., i.e. the theme feeds?

Can you please help me clarify these so that I can move on with building my wall :)



Hi Csaba,

(1) TB Wall has not supported to add RSS feeds yet. TB Wall just supports to get social feed such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Vimeo, Youtube. You can go to Configuration > Feed > Social Feed to configure how to get these social feed.

(2) We have created the theme feed with the goal to demonstrate content from other Drupal related sources. For each source we have, we need to write the code separately as we did not find a solution yet to make it generic. Generic means, that a user can add any RSS URL and the module is able to retrieve the content and store it to the DB. We wanted to make it generic, however any source has a different mark-up structure. Which caused to break the entire page as the mark-up does not fit to our theme's structure.
At the end of the day we decided to keep it at this stage as we haven't a better solution.

How to change them?
If you are a Drupal developer, you can customize our code and add your own RSS feeds. If you need an initial guide, please ping us an email to


Hi Will,

Hi Will,

Sorry, the 2nd does not make sense to me. If you want to use TB Wall for anything other than (Social Media feed and) Drupal Theme news, you cannot use it because you will definitely not need any news items from Drupal content providers.

What I do not understand is once you have those feeds built in, why am I not able to change them?

Please let me know, thanks!

I have improved Will's answer

I have improved Will's answer. Hope this make more sense to you now.

Thanks a lot, I'll e-mail you

Thanks a lot, I'll e-mail you soon :)

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