How to add button - TB Methys II


Hi, how do I add a button to the bottom of my content?

I want to make a new content page with a button at the bottom which says return to main content.
I want this button to be identical to the "send button" on the contact us page in the TB Methys II demo as this is the site's style.
Is there a way of putting a bit of HTML/CSS at the bottom of the content page's html enabled body that will show this button with "return to main content" and clicking it will link back to, and if so what is it?
I could just put a link there but I want to keep the TB Methys II look throughout the site.

Thanks and once again telling everyone what a robust theme this is. There have been no bugs which is a change!!!


You could add following html code:

<span class="button">
    <input type="button" class="form-submit" value="Return to main content" onclick="location.href='' "/>

Thanks mate, works just how I wanted it to.