Online coverage is very important for meeting customers on the web and here in the UAE by offering internet services at home in the UAE. Our clients use our trusted organizations to use the web and the system in different areas and locally with national fiber optic servers or long-distance fiber connections simultaneously, with all governments secured by a source of sponsorship and responsibility.

For domestic services in the UAE and private companies, DU is currently integrating a fixed network in most areas of the UAE and continues to expand into new areas to provide the best Internet services in the UAE. Wired Internet DU offers home services in the UAE with connections ranging from 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps on a variety of prepaid and flat-rate packages with value-added service data (VAS) capabilities such as video conferencing, multiplayer games, Webhosting, e-mail/security, LAN / WAN configuration, and design, etc. At the client's premises, which will be charged independently.

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