Faster Ways To Get Fallout 76 Bottle Caps


Still do not know how to get CAPS in FALLOUT 76? You are not alone; we are here to help you. There is only one true currency in the world of Fallout, called: bottle caps , they can be used for purchasing any items in this wasteland world. And of course, they are not very easy to get. To make matters more complicated, they’re not as easy to save in Fallout 76, either. Between limited supply and frequent use, makes Fallout 76 Bottle Caps farming much more difficult. Fortunately, there are a few ways to find more Fallout 76 Bottle Caps for players who manage to stay vigilant.

How to Get Caps the Easy Way

By far the most common way to earn caps will be to simply find them in the overworld. This can be accomplished through looting corpses or by exploring all throughout abandoned buildings. Enemy creatures will occasionally have a few bottle caps that winning parties can lift off of their bodies, too. They aren’t about to use them any time soon.

Aside from selling off any of their undesired items at the nearest vendor, players can also occasionally find cap stashes hidden throughout the world. These containers offer varying quantities of bottle caps, and they’re fairly easy to find in general, especially since they most often crop up around previous human dwellings.

Watching out for caps and cap stashes is certainly the easiest way to earn caps in Fallout 76, but that isn’t to say that it’s the most effective method. For that, players will have to put forth some concerted effort.

How to Get Caps Fast

One of the fastest ways to get caps fast in Fallout 76 is to run through quests. Group events pop up often, spread all across the map, and most of them offer up a decent amount of caps as a reward. Seeing as how group quests will be a big part of how Fallout 76 players spend their time, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Plus, not only does completing missions earn caps, players earn more experience in the process, too.

Another way to keep the caps flowing in is to chip away at the main Fallout 76 campaign. Deliberately tailored by the crew at Bethesda, the main story provides all the experience and money that players to become a true hero of the post-apocalyptic world. Just be sure not to spend much money, if any, on fast travel, and avoid buying items or medical supplies wherever possible.

Beyond all these methods, the last tip toward earning caps fast in Fallout 76 is to invest in perks like Cap Collector. Dumping points into Luck and Charisma will eventually open the option to purchase higher tiers of the Caps Collector perk, which can provide a noticeable and often drastic increase to the amount of caps found in every cap stash. It still relies on the player staying perceptive when exploring, but that too is made easier through the Fortune Finder perk, which makes a noise any time the player is close to a cap stash. Coupled together, these two perks can fatten cap purses rather nicely.

Keep Earning Caps

It might go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: the best way to get caps fast is not by employing some of the tricks above, but by employing all of them. Keep on the lookout for caps everywhere, be it in abandoned buildings, enemy corpses, trash cans, or any other deceptively hidden location. Run quests, avoid spending uselessly, and upgrade the Caps Collector perk as soon as possible. By putting all of these tips into practice, Fallout 76 players will stand the greatest chance of becoming one of the wealthiest people in Appalachia. After that, the only question that remains is the question of what to spend caps on.

Put Those Caps To Use

One of the main ways that Fallout 76 players will spend caps is on fast travel. Like in other online games, the developers have implemented a sort of toll fee for players that wish to move quickly around the map. Prices vary by distance, but there’ll never be a charge to return to the camp or to Vault 76.

Aside from fast travel, bottle caps are also used to purchase key supplies. Players can find vending machines all over Appalachia which will happily dole out stimpaks and other items to travelers in need. The problem is that these items are often sold at high prices. The added cost is for convenience more than anything, and though these supplies can help in a pinch, they’re not an ideal way to spend those hard-earned caps.

Instead, players should likely be saving up most of their funds in order to purchase blueprints. These get pricey quickly, but they’ll help former vault dwellers craft the gear they need to survive in the post-nuclear wilds. Plus, being some of the most expensive items in the game, they’re the ones that will take the most time and the most caps in order to unlock.

The same can be said for other decorative items, too. They might not provide the same immediate impact as a well-timed stimpak purchase, but they are far cooler to look at. After all, what’s the point of living life after the bombs have dropped if there’s no room for freedom of expression?

Wonder no longer how to earn caps. They’re not particularly hard to find in Fallout 76, but they do require time and effort to track down. Money is just sitting around, waiting to be taken, but it has to be found before it can be claimed. Fortunately, Bethesda has given all the players they need to start amassing wealth right from the moment Vault 76 opens.

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