Facebook feeds not working


Although "check feed" returns a feed, no content is ever saved. Twitter feeds work without issue.
I do get multiple warning about the use of mktime() instead of time(), although that is probably not related.

Thoughts on the cause?

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Hi Shanmoon,

Hi Shanmoon,
Could you give us the facebook account that you have been used? So i can do a test to find out the cause.

Sure, I tried over a dozen

Sure, I tried over a dozen different ones including:
account: floridapyrs id: 86383262702
account: espn id:104266592953439
account: ABCFamily id: 9002965673
"Check Feed" is successful.

Hi Shamoon,

Hi Shamoon,

We've try with your facebook accounts and retrieved feed successfully. I think the cause could come from php_curl extension of your server. We use curl functions in PHP to retrieve data from facebook website. Please make sure the extension is enable & work properly.

curl is enabled, but

curl is enabled, but retrieval is still not working.

Dear Shanmoon,

Dear Shanmoon,

I'm sorry because this issue still doubt you. I've checked it and seen that your php version is 5.1, could you please update to PHP 5.3 (latest version)? I believe that it'll leave this problem.