Do you plan to build Mega menu into your Drupal themes?


Hello from germany,
are there any plans for a "build-in" megamenu. Or is it possible to extend the superfish menu style ? Its very popular and I often used a megamenu on Joomla sites ;-)

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Re: Mega menu ?

Dear pepperstreet,

Thanks for the question. Thought to keep it as a surprise for you guys, but as you have asked, we'll have to keep it posted then. Actually we're in progress of building an ultimately new megamenu which will be released in a couple months later. Stay tuned!


Any news about this? As far

Any news about this? As far as i can see, there are still the same menu options.


Hello Maik,

Hello Maik,

We just released a module called TB Mega Menu ( and already have TB Sirate ( built with it. Take a look!