Content: need made it in the middle of the (left and right) sidebars///


Thank You,

I was messing with the CSS file for the column grid widths...and it wasn't a good idea , lol :)

In regards to my first question, my sidebar second appears in the middle( if i assign a block to it) , how can i change to appear first , then main content , then sidebar first?

so atm i got

----------------- ------- --------
| main | | 2 | | 1 |
----------------- ------- --------

would like in nucleus base theme

------- ----------------- --------
| 2 || main | | 1 |
------- ----------------- --------

can you pls help?




Hi Piter-moda,
This is customized request, so we only suggest some info overview.
To get overview a list of regions on site, also its positions,
you access: Appearance -> Settings (on Tb Methys).
You now see the order of {main content}, {sidebar first},
{sidebar second} and displayed result at:

And now, do you want to change the postion of regions above?
You can follow guide:
Step 1: Open your project, find "page.tpl.php" file in Tb Methys theme
Step 2: (Example) Copy source code in

//Copy here

to new position.
Required knowledge: PHP, HTML