Change logo on site section


I would like to change the site logo for a section of my site which needs different branding than the rest of the site. What's the easiest/best way to do this?

I have looked into the Context module, but I don't believe I can use it for this purpose. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


We can override preprocess_page in using theme to replace value in $vars['logo'] to other logo in the specific case we need.



Hi Pedrenny,

the template_preprocess_page() allows you to add additional information to the template before it is rendered.
Please read the basics of the method what it does on the Drupal API page
As I understand you have a page or content type which you want to show a different logo.

Let's say your logo is stored in this key:
$variables['site_logo'] ="/sitepath/site_logo.png"

If you want to add your own logo there 2 different ways.
1. Either you override the site logo with your own logo path in the preprocessor.
2. Or you create a new key something like $variables['my_logo']="/sitepath/my_logo.png"

What you need to figure out is:
Which node you want to have the custom logo being displayed. (this requires a bit more coding, but you can find it in the Drupal API, this discussion might help

I myself I am more a front-end guy. Hope the above basic instructions gives you a small help.



Thanks, HaiNN. I'm using TB

Thanks, HaiNN. I'm using TB Simply with Nucleus. I'm not much of a programmer; could you post more detailed instructions on how I would do what you're talking about? Thanks.


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