Chance to optimize Tb-Sirate or is better to adapt TB-NEX?


Dear sirs
a couple of years ago I developed a news-project based on TB Sirate theme
I saw the notice in the Drupal site about copyright issues and the invitation to replace it with another theme, but I would like, if possible (even paying something) to continue to use Tb-Sirate 'cause I really like its structure (with a few changes)

Alternatively it might be interesting TB-NEX, but i would being able to integrate TB Mega Menu (or is there something best now?) like the same layout of TB-Sirate and the Slideshow block at the top of the page.

What can you advise me as a way forward?

Thanks a lot for you answer

Best Regards

PS. Is TB Mega Menu the right choise in case of mobile navigation?

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