Can't Get TB Page Contact Form Working



We are attempting to use the TB Page theme, but are having difficulty with the Contact Block. Currently, the only change we have made to the contact form is to add an email address to the "Get in Touch Form" node. However, every time we hit the submit button, it appears that the only thing that happens is the page reloads. There is no email, there is no value added to Results and, there are no error messages in the logs.

I did try making the JS change described here:

However, that didn't make any difference. So, I rolled the change back.




Minor upgrade of Webform module causes compatibility issue with JavaScript of TB Page. The theme has been upgraded to fix this issue. Please download new version here


Same thing here. The contact

Same thing here. The contact webform in my TB page theme is not working at all.

You need to fix Drupal.TBPage

You need to fix Drupal.TBPage.initContactForm in tb_page.js. Here is the modification that worked for me:

Drupal.TBPage.initContactForm = function(){
$('.webform-client-form').find('input[type*="text"], textarea').each(function(){
var label = $(this).parents('.form-item').find('label');
var text = label.text();