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Rainier Album Tracks:

1. If You Really Love Nothing
2. The Rover
3. Complications
4. Flight of Fancy
5. Stay In Touch
6. Interlude 1
7. Mountain Child
8. Now You've Seen Me At Work
9. Surveillance
10. Number 10
11. Party's Over
12. Interlude 2
13. It Probably Matters

Their debut album was as good as it got. Sure, the next record was good – very good, in fact. You could make a case for the third album being better than the second... Hell, it’s certainly better than anything that came after it.

But the fact remains that Interpol have never made anything that approaches the quality of their saturnine masterpiece Turn on the Bright Lights. Very few bands have.

So it’s hard to imagine now, six albums in, what Interpol fans want. Much like their contemporaries The Strokes, their debut album made their name but doomed them to suffer diminishing returns by the very nature of its success. Ergo, every Interpol album and every Strokes album is compared, unfavourably, to their first.

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Where The Strokes’ most recent record was safe, solid, and played to their simplest strengths, Marauder finds Interpol taking a few chances - not least Paul Banks’ maniacal Ozzy Osbourne impression on “The Rover”. Seriously, have they heard “Crazy Train”? Listen to how he sings “die” in the first line and try and deny it…

Jokes aside, your enjoyment of Marauder is purely contingent on what it is that you expect Interpol to be at this stage of their career, because you’re never going to get a repeat of that first one. That much is clear.

Across the record, it’s apparent just how remarkably consistent they are. However, the consistency is the issue – most of the tracks are underproduced (by Dave Fridmann, no less), most of the sonic details sound oddly rushed, and the whole thing sounds unfinished.

Yet this is why it’s such a fun album to dig into. Most of the songs sound like first takes. A couple of them sound like they were written minutes before recording.

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