Modify Home Page view

This section will guide you to you have a Home page with grid layout like the demo.

Info Required Modules: TB Wall layout.

A. Front page view setting

Step 1 Go to Structure> Views. Enable "Front page" view

Step 2 Click "Edit" button inline "Front page" view, new window is opened with following properties:

In Filter criteria area, click Add button to add Content: Type and set following properties:

In Format area, click Unformatted list link anh choose Grid Option > click Apply > Apply All

In Page area, click Full link and set following properties:

New window is opened > Click Appy all

Step 3 Save view

B. Configure Site information

Step 1Go to Configuration > Site information

Step 2 Find a "Default front page " field. Input "frontpage" into textbox.

Step 3 Click "Save configuration" button.