TB Uber

This guide will give you the basic information on the preparation steps and guide you to build the content for TB Uber, as same as the demo site.

Download Package:

  • tb_uber_with_demo_profile_v1.x.zip: TB Uber demo profile
  • tb_uber_7.x-1.x.zip: TB Uber theme

System Requirements

If you are new to Drupal, please take a look at System requirements on drupal.org

Installation Guidelines for End Users:

Step 1 Extract tb_uber_with_demo_profile_v1.x.zip to your host, for example /var/www/html in Linux

Step 2 Create a database for this website in your server

Step 3 Open browser and navigate to your website

Step 4 Step by step install ThemeBrain Profile. See details at How to Install a TB Theme Profile.

Guidelines for Drupal Developers: