Create Headline Region

This region has 2 blocks: Flash Message and Headline Menu.

Front-end appearance

A. Flash Message

Step 1 Go to Structure > Block > Add block, Set following properties:

Step 2 Click "Save Block" button

B. Headline Menu

Required module: Drupal commerce.

1.Create a menu

Step 1Go to Structure > Menus > Add menu

Step 2 Set following properties:

  • Title: Headline menu
  • Description: Headline menu

Step 3Click "Save" button> Add following links:

a. My account

  • Menu link title: My Account
  • Path: user
  • Weight: 0

b. My Cart

  • Menu link title: My Cart
  • Path: cart
  • Weight: 1

c. Check out

  • Menu link title: My Cart
  • Path: checkout
  • Weight: 2

d. Login

  • Menu link title: Login
  • Path: user/login
  • Weight: 3

e. Logout

  • Menu link title: logout
  • Path: user/logout
  • Weight: 4

2. Assign Block

Go to Structure > Block > Find and assign Headline menu block to Headline region