Menu Bar Region

Menu Bar Region has only one block. It is Superfish Menu block

Superfish Menu Block

Info Required Modules: Superfish

Create Menu Structure

Step 1Go to Structure

Step 2Click Menus link

Step 3In Main menu area, click list links operator

Step 4Click Add link to add a new link

Step 5Add following links structure

Menu Link Structure

Configure Superfish Block Settings

Step 1Go to Structure

Step 2Choose Blocks

Step 3Find a Superfish block

Notice There are 4 Superfish blocks which are provided by Superfish module.

Step 4Click configure link

Step 5In SUPERFISH SETTINGS area, set following properties:

  • Menu Parent: Main Menu
  • Menu type: Horizontal ( or NavBar)
  • Check Auto Arrow

Superfish Block Settings

Step 6In REGION SETTINGS tab, assign this block to Menu Bar region for TB Methys

Step 7Save block

Configure Superfish Block Style

Step 1Go to Appearance

Step 2Click Settings link under TB Methys

Step 3Choose Modules tab

Step 4In SUPERFISH EXTEND STYLE, select Methys Style for Superfish for your Superfish blocks

Settings for Superfish Style