Footer Region

Footer Region is located at bottom area. It contains Footer Menu block, Copyright block, and Footer Menu block by default.

A. Footer Menu Block

Step 1 Go to Structure > Menus > Add menu with following properties:

Step 3 Add following links to the Footer Menu:

Step 4 Go to Blocks. Assign "Footer Menu" block to Footer region

B. Copyright Block

Step 1 Go to Blocks > Add block

Step 2 Set following properties:

  • Block title: Copyright
  • Block description: [Up to your need]
  • Block body:
    <div class="tb-copyright">
    <p>A product of <a href="" title=""></a>. Built with Nucleus Basetheme © ThemeBrain 2012<span>Powered by Drupal 7.</span></p>

C. Skins Menu

This menu is enabled by default. It could be set to hidden by following steps:

Step 1 Go to Appearance

Step 2 At the TB Anis theme, click Settings link.

Step 3 At TOGGLE DISPLAY, uncheck Show Skins Menu

Step 4 Click "Save configuration" button