How to implement multi-skins/colors for your theme?

Our base theme Nucleus supports to implement multi-skins/colors for its sub-theme. Ex: add a blue skin

Create a new skin/color

Step 1 Open file and add line:
    skins[blue] = 'Blue Style'
Step 2 Create the skins folder. Then, create a color folder with name "blue" inside the folder like below picture:
Skins Folder Structure

Skins Folder Structure

Step 3 The color folder could contains following files/folder:
Skins Files

Skin Files

  • images: is a folder which contains all background images which will be used in your skin css
  • logo.png: Site logo which is used for this skin.
  • style.css: has all css of this skin.
Step 4 Go to your site > Configuration > Performance > Clear your Drupal cache if your site has been live.

Select a default color

Step 1 Login to your site as an admin
Step 2 Go to Appearance > Your theme settings > Layout > Select a color as a default > Save your configuration