How to add a new region

Say you want to add a new region to a specific layout, e.g: page.tpl.php.

Creating a new region

Step 1 Open file and add line:
regions[new_region] = 'New region'
Step 2 Add following code lines to layout page.tpl.php:
  <?php if ($new_region = render($page['new_region'])): ?>
    <div id="new_region_wrapper" class="wrapper">
      <div class="container <?php print $grid; ?>">
        <div class="grid-inner clearfix">
          <?php print $new_region; ?>
  <?php endif;?>

Adding new sidebars

Step 1 In add a new sidebar region by copy/paste these code lines:
regions[sidebar_...] = 'Sidebar ...'
regions[sidebar_new] = 'Sidebar new'
Step 2 Add to layout page.tpl.php same as normal region. Furthermore, sidebar and function "tb_group_class" helps you to create an advanced layout as the example in section ‘How to build a custom layout

Adding new panels

Step 1 Open file and add a new panel region by using this rule:
regions[panel_..._...] = 'Panel … column ...'
regions[panel_new_a] = 'Panel new column 1'
regions[panel_new_b] = 'Panel new column 2'
regions[panel_new_c] = 'Panel new column 3'
Step 2 Remember to define width for each column of the panel:
settings[panel_..._..._width] = 'number of grid columns the region will occupy'
settings[panel_new_a_width] = 8
settings[panel_new_b_width] = 8
settings[panel_new_c_width] = 8
Step 3 Add to layout page.tpl.php by using these code lines:
<?php if ($panel_new): ?>
  <div id="panel-new-wrapper" class="wrapper panel panel-new">
    <div class="container <?php print $grid;?> clearfix">
      <?php print $panel_new;?>
<?php endif; ?>