Brief information about file .info

The .info file is a required file in a PHPTemplate powered theming system. This file has a configuration function and syntax similar to a .ini file. For Drupal 7 themes we have following structure:

1. The theme's name

name = 'nucleus'

2. Description
description = 'Base theme for Drupal'

3. Version and compatibility info

core = '7.x'

4. Theme engine required

engine = 'phptemplate'

5. Stylesheets needed

stylesheets[all][] = 'css/messages.css'

6. Scripts needed

scripts[] = 'js/jquery.matchHeights.min.js'

7. Regions included

regions[content] = 'Main content'

8. Conditional Stylesheets needed

stylesheets-conditional[IE 7][all][] = css/ie7.css

9. Default settings

settings[grid] = 'fluid-grid-24'

10. Enable Drupal core features

features[] = 'logo'

11. Enable Drupal core features

features[] = 'logo'