How to Install a TB Theme Profile

Starting with a new theme, it's sometimes takes a lot of time for first time users to really understand how it works. You want to know immediately what styling it offers, which layout it supports and what else nice features the theme provides.

We created an installation profile with demo content for each of our theme, so that you can quickly download and reproduce the whole site content as presented on our live demo. This way you will get a quicker overview of the features. If it's convenient you may also use the given demo content as a starting point to build your custom sites.

Step 1Download a theme package of your choice (e.g. tb_simply)

Files Included:

  • README.txt
  • demo profile for TB Simply. This demo package includes Drupal core, required 3rd modules, themes, ThemeBrain profile & necessary files. This package will be used to build a site like our demo for the theme easily.
  • Nucleus base theme
  • TB Simply theme

Notice All of our demo profiles packages for free themes has been published on as distribution (or starter) packages. Therefore, steps to install a starter package is similar to a demo profile package (ex: Below is a starter package for TB Simply:


Step 2 Extract package.

Step 3: Read README.txt file which is included in the package.

Step 4: Extract and upload to your host.

Step 5: Access your MySQL database and create a new DB (e.g. tb_simply)

Step 6: Open browser and navigate to the installed folder for first time installation.

Step 7: Select ThemeBrain profile -> Save and Continue

Step 8: Select Language -> Save and Continue

Step 9: Config database (We only support MySQL) -> Save and Continue

Step 10: Config site -> Save and Continue

Finish You're having a full website with prepopulated content exactly like our Demo