Create Image styles

Step 1 Go to Configuration

Step 2 In MEDIA area > Image styles, click "Add style" link to create avatar (70x70) style with following properties:

Step 3 Click "Create new style" button.

Step 4 Under Effect, Select "Scale and crop" effect.

Step 5 Click Add button > New popup is opened, Set following properties:

Step 6 Click "Add effect" button.

Step 7 Similar to create other image styles following setting properties:

Image style name Effect style Width Height
blog_detail (300x200) Scale and crop 300 200
img (530x210) Scale and crop 530 210
Slideshow (960x354) Scale and crop 960 354
Thumb_continent (310x210) Scale and crop 310 210
Thumb_country (158x129) Scale and crop 158 129
Thumb_rated_place (246x136) Scale and crop 246 136
Thumb_popular_6 (150x90) Scale and crop 150 90
Thumb_rated_hotel (156x106) Scale and crop 156 106
Thumb_travel_photo (106x70) Scale and crop 106 70