Create Latest News block

A. Create Latest news view

Step 1 Go to Structure > Views. Create Latest news view with following settings:

Step 2 Click "Continue and edit" button. A new popup is opened with following properties:

Step 3 At FIELD area, Click add button to add " Content: Updated date " field with following properties:

  • Uncheck "Create label"
  • Date format: Custom
  • Custom date format: F j, Y

Step 4 At FILTER CRITERIA area, Click add button to add "Content: Type " field with following properties:

  • Operator: Is one of
  • Content types: Article

Step 5 At FOOTER area, Click add button to add "Global: Text area " field with following properties:

  • Label:
  • Text area: <a href="<?php print base_path()?>articles"> News archive</a>
  • Text format: PHP code

Step 6 Save view

B. Assign Latest news block

Step 1 Go to Structure > Blocks

Step 2 Find View: Latest news and click configure link, set following properties:

Step 3 Click "Save block" button.