How to create onepage regions & menus

In TB Page, there are two types of region: normal drupal region & onepage region. Each onepage region key must have a prefix "page_". Each onepage region should an associated onepage menu. Below are instructions to setup onepage regions and onepage menu.

Step 1 Go to sites\all\themes\tb_page > Open "" file

Add a new onepage region follow sample:

  regions[page_region_name] = 'region name'
Step 2 Add one page menu follow sample:
  onepage_menu[page_region_name] = 'region name'
Screenshort below is a sample:

Step 3 Go to site/all/themes/tb_page

Step 4 Open the file page--front.tpl.php. Add code to display your defined regions. Ex:

    <?php if ($page_home = render($page['page_home'])): ?>
      <?php print $page_home; ?>
    <?php endif; ?>

Notice If you install TB Page with demo profile package. There are two special menu items: Styles, 404 Page

How to remove Styles menu item

Step 1 Go to Appearance > TB Page settings

Step 2 Go to Global tab > Toggle Display > Uncheck "Show Skins Menu"

Step 3 Save configuration

How to remove 404 Page menu item

Step 1 Go to Content > Find and delete "404 Page" page