Homepage region

Create views and assign block

Step 1 Go to Structure > Views. Click "Add new view" link, set following properties:

Slideshow view

Step 2 Click "Save and edit" button. New window is opened with following properties:

Step 3 In Fields area click "Add" link > Add "Content: Body" field with default settings.

Step 6 In "FILTER CRITERIA" area click "Add" link > Add "Content: type" field with following properties:

Step 7 At Footer area, add Global: Text area with below configuration:

  • Label:
  • Body:
              <p><a href="http://www.themebrain.com" class="node-button btn-large">View Our Works</a></p>
              <p class="arrow-down"><a href="#">arrow down</a></p>
  • Text format: Full HTML

Step 8 Click "Save" button to save view.

Step 9 Go to Structure > Block. Find "Simple slideshow" block and assign it to Home region.