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Info Required Modules: JCarousel, Colorbox

Info Required Step: Install tb_obelisk_demo_profile.zip package on your local machine

A. Create Top Movies

Step 1 At TB Obelisk Demo package: Go to Structure > Views. Find Slideshow > Click Export link with following settings:

Step 2 New window is opened, copy all code in this window:

Step 3 At Drupal Fresh , Go to Structure > Views click Import link with following properties:

Step 4 New window is opened set following properties:

Step 5 Click Impoxt

Step 6 Go to Structure > Quicktabs

Step 7 Click Add Quicktabs Instance to create Quicktabs following properties:

Step 8 Save

Step 9 Go to Structure > Blocks

Step 10 Find Quicktabs: Quicktabs and click configure link, set following properties:

Step 11 Click "Save " button.

B. Configure style for Quicktabs module

Step 1 Go to Appearance > Tb Obelisk > Modules

Step 2 At QUICKTABS EXTEND STYLE area, set following properties::

Step 3 Click "Save configuration" button.