Create other pages

Info Required Step: Install package on your local machine

Info Required Modules: View Fieldset

A. Create Movies Page

Step 1 At TB Obelisk quickstart: Go to Structure > Views. Find Movies view > Click Export link with following settings:

Step 2 New window is opened, copy all code in this window:

Step 3 At Drupal Fresh , Go to Structure > Views click Import link with following properties:

Step 4 New window is opened set following properties:

Step 5 Click Impoxt

B. Create other Pages

Similar Step 1 to 5 create other Pages following setting properties:

Required Page name
  • Moudule: Blog
  • Content type: Blog
  • Page: Blog
  • Module: Taxonomy
  • Content type: Movie
  • Page: Category page
  • Module: Forum
  • Page: Forum
  • Content type: Article
  • Image style: img 180x270
  • Page: News