Modify Article content type

A. Modify Article content type

The slideshow uses images from articles, but the images for the slideshow have different styles from images for article content. Therefore, a new image field is added to allow you upload properly images for the slideshow.

Step 1 Go to Structure > Content Type.

Step 2 In Article row, click "manage fields" link, Under "Add new field", create "Slideshow Image" field with following settings:

Step 3 Click "Save" button, click "Save field settings" button > New window is opened, set following properties:

Step 4 Create "Categories" field with following settings:

Step 5 Click "Save settings" button.

Step 6 Click Save > Vocabulary = Categories > Save field settings

Step 7 Go to "Manage display: Default" tab, set following properties:

Notes: ShareThis modules should be enable and be configured like "ShareThis services" instructions to fit TB Nex demo

Step 8 Go to "Manage display: Teaser" tab, set following properties:

Step 9 Click "Save" button.