Panel footer column 4 region

Info Required Modules: Newsletter

Step 1 Go to Structure> Blocks. Click "Add block" link > Create "Connect with us" block following properties:

HTML code:

Proin venenatis commodo urna sit amet imperdiet. Suspendisse nisi tellus, faucibus id bibendum eu, malesuada ut neque.

Phone: +123.456.7890

Fax: +123.456.7890

Step 2 Click "Save block" button.

Step 3 Go to Structure> Blocks. Find Newsletter: Subscribe block and set following properties:

  • Block title: Newsletter
  • Assign it to Panel Footer 4 for TB Metroz

Step 4 Click "Save block" button.

Step 5 Go to People> Permission, Find Newsletter area and set following properties: