Modify Blog content type

Info Required Modules: Blog.

Step 1 Go to Structure. Choose "Content Type" link. Choose "Blog entry" link.

Step 2 Click "manage fields" link inline blog entry.

Step 3 Create "Blog images" field with following setting

Step 4 Click "Save" button > Save field settings > New window is opened, set following properties:

Step 5 Click "Save settings" button.

Step 6 Create "Banner" field by select "Image: field_banner (Banner)" field at line "Add existing field".

Step 7 Click Save button, New window is opened > Set following properties:

Step 8 Click "Manage display" tab. At default tab set following properties:

Step 9 Click "Save " button.

Step 10 Click "Manage display" tab. At Teaser tab set following properties:

Step 11 Click "Save " button.