Contact us page

This section will guide you to set up the contact page like demo site

Info Required Modules: Webform, PHP filter.

Step 1 Go to Content > Click "Add content" link > Click webform link, and Add Contact us webform with following properties:

Sociis adipiscing. Optio, veritatis mollitia, quam cillum egestas voluptatem interdum, ornare mauris commodi excepturi curae, dignissimos?

Store's address468 Nam ultricies dolor eu velit varius scelerisque. Consequat onec quis massa.

Phone. (+ 012 ) 20 7345 667

Email. [email protected]

At comment tab, set following value: At URL path settings tab, set following properties:

Step 2 Click "Save" button. New window is open, at Form components tabs, add some fields following properties:

At Form settings tab, set following properties:

Step 3 Click "Save" button.