Our Staff block

A. Create Our Bussiness view

Step 1 Go to Structure > Views > Click "Add new view" to create Our business view following settings:


Step 2 Click "Continue & edit" button. New window is opened with following properties:


Step 3 In Fields area, click add link to add " Content: Staff Image " field with following settings:


Step 4 In Fields area, click add link to add "Content: Job Title" field following settings:


Step 5 In Fields area, click "rearrange" button and set following setting:


Step 6 In Fields criteria area, click add link to add "Content: Type " field > Set following settings:


Step 7 In Format area , click " settings" link and set following properties:


Step 8 Click "Save view" button.

B. Assign Our business block

Step 1 Go to Structure > Blocks

Step 2 Find View: Our Business and click configure link

Step 3 Enter <none> to Block title

Step 4 At REGION SETTINGS, assign this block to Sidebar first region

Step 5 Click "Save block" button