Create image styles for theme

Info Required Modules: Blog.

Step 1 Go to Configuration. In MEDIA area: Click "Image styles" link. Click "Add style" link to create blog style following properties:

Step 2 Click "Create new style" button. Under Effect, Select "Scale and crop"

Step 3 Click "Add" button. New popup is opened. Set following properties:

Step 4 Click "Add effect" button. Then Click "Update style" button.

Step 5 Similar to create Another image styles following properties:

Image style name Effect style Width Height
gallery Scale and crop 90 90
gallery_colorbox Scale and crop 490 300
our_business Scale and crop 205 150
our_clients Scale and crop 125 60
our_staffs Scale and crop 70 70
popular Scale and crop 318 150
quicktabs Scale and crop 80 80
slideshow Scale and crop 1200 600