How do i place breadcrumbs and page title on top of the content?


Helo! How do i place breadcrumbs and page title on top of the content? Thanks!


You can come to template file page.tpl.php and move group source code for breadcrumb

  <?php if($breadcrumb || $back_to_top_display): ?>
    <!-- BREADCRUMB -->
    <div id="breadcrumb-wrapper" class="wrapper">
      <div class="container <?php print $grid;?>">
        <div class="grid-inner clearfix">
          <?php if($breadcrumb):?>
            <?php print $breadcrumb; ?>
          <?php endif; ?>

          <?php if($back_to_top_display): ?>
            <a title="<?php print t('Back to Top')?>" class="btn-btt" href="#Top">? <?php print t('Top')?></a>
          <?php endif; ?>
    <!-- //BREADCRUMB -->
  <?php endif; ?>

to any where you like


Page Title at the bottom

What about the Page Title? How can i put it on the top?

Change Regions!

Problem solved! Changed Main page content to Main content Region.

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