Quality Drupal Themes instead of Quantity

04May 2012

In the past 8 months we worked on our monthly releases as other theme clubs doing their business right now. With the release of 11 Drupal themes we have learned a lot and got very good feedback from you guys.

We have reviewed the feedback from you and decided to slow down with our theme releases in order to improve all the existing themes and align those Drupal themes with the latest version of Nucleus in the next 1-2 months.

How to Use the Multi-color Feature to Customize Our Drupal themes?

17Apr 2012

This post is about to guide you to use the Multi-color feature of Nucleus and to explain you to understand why we have implemented this feature as a core part of Nucleus.

Problems solved?

When you develop a theme, you might want to customize the theme a bit, like changing the color from time to time, in accordance with the purpose of your site (colors has different meanings and feelings) and your personal taste.

Rocking news: Nucleus base theme is a full Drupal project!

27Mar 2012

Woo!! Saturday (25.02.2012) was a great day for the Nucleus team at when we received the rocking news from Drupal community: Nucleus got the status "Fixed" by the Drupal reviewers.

Themebrain Releases 2 New Drupal 7 Themes

30Nov 2011

Today we release 2 new Drupal 7 themes TB Sirate and TB Hadelis. We will be adding one theme each month.

What is Nucleus and who is it for?

15Sep 2011

Nucleus is a base theme for Drupal (version 7+) developed by ThemeBrain. It aims at facilitating the process of coding a given design into a Drupal theme. It is a powerful tool for Drupal developers and themers, as you can create layouts and styles within several clicks without having to code it from scratch.

As you get familiar with Nucleus, your theme project will get finished in a fraction of the usual time needed for the same design, thus making you more competitive and focus on more important stuff.


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