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Copyright Removal for Free Drupal themes?

20Aug 2012

Hey Drupal mates, you have chances to play around with our 11 Drupal FREE themes since September 2011.

Recently, we received questions like:

Preview TB Anis - Responsive Premium Drupal 7 theme for online portfolio

07Aug 2012

Imagine that once you have beautiful designs (graphics, web, photos, or any creative works) and want to let people know or show to your potential clients/partners? As a web designer, we understand the essential need of a well-designed portfolio theme to demonstrate the creative work to make sure the message can be delivered effectively and eye-catchingly to your target audiences.

Free tools to test your responsive Drupal themes

06Jul 2012

We recently launched TB Methys II - a Fashion Drupal theme (our first Drupal 7 responsive theme). How to make sure the theme can adapt correctly on different browser dimensions, orientations and screen resolutions? Should we buy all available devices or is there another solution for that?

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