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What is Nucleus and who is it for?

15Sep 2011

Nucleus is a base theme for Drupal (version 7+) developed by ThemeBrain. It aims at facilitating the process of coding a given design into a Drupal theme. It is a powerful tool for Drupal developers and themers, as you can create layouts and styles within several clicks without having to code it from scratch.

As you get familiar with Nucleus, your theme project will get finished in a fraction of the usual time needed for the same design, thus making you more competitive and focus on more important stuff.

Welcome To ThemeBrain

14Sep 2011

We are passionate designers and developers with the mission to craft attractive designs dedicated for the Drupal community. We are creator of Nucleus base theme, which you can download for free to speed up your theming time. If you haven't check it out yet, take a look at it's powerful features and make sure you try out the demo and see it in action.

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